Meeting at Great Lakes Center for the Arts

800 Bay Harbor Drive
Bay Harbor, MI 49770

Summer Sundays

10:30 a.m.
From Memorial Day
to Labor Day!

My marriage is completely broken. I failed my wife with my anger and lack of leading. I opened spiritual doors that should have never been opened. Towards the end of us living together I started to see what these doors were doing to us and our family. Now that we are separated, I am trying to do the right thing for me and my kids but my wife had completely embraced a lifestyle that is contradictory to everything we were raised to believe. She is in bondage and it is destroying her and our kids. And a lot of it is my fault but she is making her own choices and my wife of 10 years and best friend of 17 years is lost in her choices. Please pray for a supernatural breakthrough in her heart and mind, that she would repent and humble herself before God. That I would surrender the areas of my life that led to us getting here, and that God would empower me to be the stable force that our 3 young kids need.